Ree Safari Park

Ree Park

On your journey through the park's four continents, you'll discover a world full of fascinating animals. In the scenic beauty of the settings, the animals have plenty of room to move about and behave naturally. We put animal welfare first and offer lots of fun and exciting activities every day for you and your family.

Ree Park Safari

When you visit the park, you're also helping to conserve the world's endangered species and raising awareness of poaching and conservation. We believe this only adds to the experience.

In Djursland's large safari park, you will make experiences for life in more than one sense and lots of wild impressions.

Ree park
land rover safari

Land Rover Safari

Take a thrilling safari ride on the vast savannah in a Land Rover and get up close to giraffes, rhinos, ostriches, and other animals.

Meet black rhinoceros, which you only be seen at Ree Park and not at any other European zoo.

Along the way, the guide tells you about the wildlife of the savannah and Ree Park's conservation work at the park and in Kenya.

American Express

Take an exhilarating train ride across the North American prairie.

The steam train, Black Beauty, which runs on real steam, or the diesel train, Armstrong, leads the way as you board a trip back in time, and you get close to bison, moose, black bears and arctic wolves.


Wildlife Activities

Don't miss out on the day's many fun animal activities. Denmark's only cheetahs hunt for food at 70 km/h, the otters flock loudly around the food, and you can get closer to both giraffes and the red pandas.

During an animal feeding, a guide will tell you funny stories about the animals in the park, and you are always welcome to ask questions. Also visit the beautiful monkeys on their own islands.

You'll meet curious lemurs, cheeky squirrel monkeys and several other monkey species as you move around the park.

Meals, etc.

In several places, you can take a break and enjoy the food you have packed or enjoy a well-prepared burger, pizza or sandwich at Streetfood or at the café.

At the playgrounds, we have petting animals for younger children, and at Katanga Hill, you can experience the two new lion brothers that are unique...

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